How to embed your consent banner on GoDaddy
Updated over a week ago

GoDaddy’s basic website builder does not allow you to add custom HTML to the head section of your website. This means that consent banner code cannot be added. Consent banner code — from Termly or elsewhere — must be placed before other scripts on your site that may rely on cookie functionality. If it isn’t, scripts may load without visitor consent, meaning your banner may not be compliant.

If you plan to use GoDaddy’s website builder, you may wish to contact GoDaddy support for additional options.

If you use a GoDaddy plan with WordPress hosting, you will be able to use WordPress to add your consent banner. Termly has a plugin that you can use to easily add your consent banner to your site. Follow these instructions to add your consent banner using WordPress.

If you use GoDaddy hosting but use a different service for website building, review our article on how to install your consent banner.

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