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Consent Solution Introduction
Consent Solution Introduction
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As more and more online services start collecting user data through various methods such as cookies, data privacy issues can no longer be ignored. The governments of many countries have enacted privacy laws and regulations – such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – that set rules for how online services can collect and interact with user data.

If your website or app collects user data, you’re likely subject to comply with one or more of these laws. For example, if you target users in the EU, you are subject to comply with the GDPR and the EU Cookie Law – even if your company isn’t based in the EU.

These laws outline strict requirements for informing users of your cookies, allowing users to set cookie preferences, and collecting user consents to cookie use.

Furthermore, tech giants like Google enforce their own cookie disclosure rules. For instance, if you want to use Google Analytics or AdMob services, you need to declare your use of cookies to your users.

To avoid devastating fines, continue to use platforms and services like those provided by Google, and earn the trust of your consumers, you need to establish compliant cookie practices. Read on for information regarding the laws that affect your cookie use, and how you can leverage our cookie consent solution to comply with worldwide laws and regulations.

What is the cookie consent manager?

The Cookie Consent Manager is your all-in-one solution for complying with the cookie use provisions established by the GDPR and EU Cookie Law.

With the cookie consent manager, you can:

  • Scan your website for cookies and have them automatically categorized by our state-of-the-art cookie scanner

  • Allow users to turn on/off cookies by category (required by the GDPR)

  • Only request cookie consent from users located in the EU

  • Allow users to scroll to indicate agreement to the use of cookies

  • Block cookies before a user gives consent (required by the GDPR)

How does Termly’s cookie consent manager work?

Once you’ve installed our cookie consent manager, new users to your site will be greeted with a consent banner. This banner will disclose your use of cookies, ask users to agree to your cookie use, and give users the option to set their cookie preferences.

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