Contacting Termly Support
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How to contact Termly Support

  1. Phone

  2. Email

  3. Creating a ticket

  4. Chat widget

Our team is available to provide phone support (toll free: 1855-234-5020) during business hours of 10am-6pm EDT (Mon-Fri). Any calls or voicemails missed during our offline hours will be responded to at the beginning of the next working day.

We also provide support via our live chat widget, accessible by clicking the floating widget at the bottom-right corner of your page within the Termly builder. Termly’s chat solution is similar to messenger apps like WhatsApp: your chat thread is saved and remains visible within the chat widget interface each time you visit us (provided you don’t clear your cookies). If you send a chat message during our offline hours, we will receive it at the beginning of the next working day and reply immediately. If we notice you’re offline at that time then we will send a response via email.

Tickets and emails can be submitted 24/7 by visiting our support home and clicking Submit a Ticket (top-right) or scroll down and click Send us a Message. All tickets will be handled in order of receipt and in line with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which can be read below. Tickets and emails received outside of business hours will be responded to at the beginning of the next business day.

Verify your account

When contacting support we typically request paid users verify their account by providing the last 4 digits of the card used for billing. Please have this information on hand when you open a support ticket with Termly.

You may be requested to provide your support pin as a secondary method of verification or when a support agent needs to login to your account. You can find your support pin within your account dashboard: settings → account info. This is a single-use pin and will regenerate each time it’s been used.

Filing a support ticket

When filing a support ticket with Termly, we ask that you include as much information up front as possible to help us investigate your issue quickly.

Please include the following details when filing a support ticket:

  • Problem description - short summary of what is happening

  • Steps to reproduce the problem - what is the quickest way for our team to reproduce the issue you’re experiencing?

  • Expected result - what result were you expecting if there were no issues?

  • Actual result - what result did you actually experience that led you to contact support?

  • Additional information

    • URL - If you are experiencing an issue with the consent banner or policies embedded on your site, please include a URL to a page where the issue can be seen. If you are experiencing an issue that is significantly impacting your site experience and you don’t want to enable the code, please leave the code on the page and comment it out, or provide a URL to a dev environment or similar that is not publicly discoverable.

    • Technologies used - Are you building your site on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or similar? Have you built your site as a Single-page application in React or similar?

    • Error messages

    • Screenshots

Support ticket priority

Tickets are given equal prioritization and are handled in the order they’re received. The majority of requests received are responded to and resolved in accordance with our SLAs (outlined below).

All tickets escalated to our tier-2 technical support engineer team will be given a priority level: Urgent, High, Medium, or Low. This is determined by a number of factors, including the total number of users impacted, whether the issue indicates a security breach or threat to user data privacy, the extent to which users are impacted from continuing to use Termly’s solution, and any other relevant factors.

Regardless of priority level, all tickets are triaged and handled on the day of receipt. An update will be provided by the agent the same day, including an estimated timeline for resolution. Though we strive to resolve all tickets as quickly as possible, some requests such as non-critical technical issues may have a longer lead time due prioritization of all development tasks.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • 1st Response Time: 2.5 hours* (email & tickets)

  • Resolution Time: 1.5 days** (email & tickets)

*handling time only counted during business hours

**handling time only counted during business hours; handling time not recorded for escalated tickets being handled by tier-2 engineers

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