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How to filter out bot traffic coming from Termly
How to filter out bot traffic coming from Termly
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If you use analytics tools such as Google Analytics, you may notice a sudden burst in traffic within your analytics reports when a cookie scan is being performed. This is due to the bots that Termly uses in order to crawl your website for active cookies. You can filter out the traffic coming from the Termly cookie scanner bots by setting an IP filter within your analytics platform.

Please refer to this page for up-to-date information about how to identify Termly's website scanner.

An example with Google Analytics

  1. Navigate to Admin and click on Filters under View

  2. Click on Add Filter

  3. Choose Create new Filter

  4. Type "Exclude Termly Bots" in Filter Name

  5. Choose Custom filter type

  6. Choose Exclude

  7. Select IP Address from the Filter Field dropdown menu

  8. Type in the first IP from list provided above into Filter Pattern

  9. Click Save

  10. Repeat until all the IP addresses have been entered

Note: You can also use a more advanced method by bundling all the IP addresses into one single regular expression and entering that into the Filter Pattern.

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