How to respond to a browser's GPC signal with Termly
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What is GPC?

Global Privacy Control, or GPC, is a browser setting that indicates a consumer’s opt-out preferences automatically.

Certain data privacy regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), require that you honor this signal when detected in the browser of your website visitors.

How do I enable GPC in Termly?

GPC can be controlled on a region-by-region basis in your Consent Banner's "Consent settings".

Please note: “Do not sell or share my information” must be enabled in order to turn GPC on.

What happens when GPC is enabled?

Once GPC is enabled, any visitor to your website who has the GPC signal in their browser will be automatically opted out of all consent via the "Do not sell or share my information" mechanism.

The visitor will not see the consent banner, as they have already indicated their privacy preferences through this signal.

How can I test that GPC is functioning?

You can test what a user experiences when browsing with the GPC signal by downloading a GPC compatible browser or extension.

Your consent logs will also display for each consent interaction whether the GPC signal was detected.

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