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How can my visitors unblock third-party videos and other iframes?
How can my visitors unblock third-party videos and other iframes?
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When visitors have not given their consent to load a third-party iframe on your page (e.g., an embedded video or map), it will be blocked. Videos or other iframes that your website hosts will not be blocked, but any third-party iframes will be unavailable. Blocked iframes can negatively impact your visitor's experience.

Quickly unblock iframes

Termly helps mitigate this by displaying a prompt in place of blocked iframes. This prompt makes it quick and easy for your site visitors to be informed about why the content is blocked, and to quickly consent to unblocking the specific object without having to change their saved consent preferences.

Unblock a single page or all pages

If a visitor chooses to unblock an iframe in-line, it will only take effect for a single page load. If the visitor does not update their saved consent preferences to ensure that iframe is unblocked on all pages, then the content will be blocked again when refreshing the page or navigating to a new page.

If your visitors want to unblock all objects, they can easily do so by updating their saved consent preferences.

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