How do I install the consent banner on ExpressionEngine?
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Termly’s ExpressionEngine add-on makes it easy to install and manage Termly features directly from your ExpressionEngine dashboard. Once you connect your Termly account, you’ll be able to scan your site for cookies, install a consent banner, and enable Auto Blocker, all using the add-on.

Installing the add-on

Follow these steps to add the Termly add-on:

  1. Visit the ExpressionEngine Add-on Store and search for “Termly” or click this direct link.

  2. Download the “Termly GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent Banner” plugin and unzip it.

  3. Add the unzipped folder to your system/user/addons/ folder.

  4. Go to your ExpressionEngine Control Panel and click Developer > Add-Ons.

  5. Click Install.

You can now access the Termly add-on from your ExpressionEngine control panel by clicking Developer > Add-Ons.

Using the Termly add-on

Follow these steps to connect your existing Termly account or sign up for a free Termly account:

  • If you have an existing Termly account, click Account from the Termly add-on menu, then enter your Termly API key to connect to your Termly account.

    • Your API key can be found in your Termly dashboard under Settings in the left-side menu.

  • If you don’t have a Termly account, follow the link in the add-on to sign up. You will be prompted to fill out details to create your Termly account. Once you create a Termly account, you can add your API key by clicking Account in the Termly add-on menu.

    • Your API key can be found in your Termly dashboard under Settings in the left-side menu.

After you’ve connected your Termly account, you can scan your site and install your consent banner directly from the add-on.

  • Click Site Scan to run a cookie scan and change scan settings.

  • Click Cookie Management to view and edit your cookies and cookie categories.

  • Click Banner Settings to add, delete, or enable the consent banner, turn Auto Blocker on or off, and use your preference center code.

  • Click Policies to view available policies. Click Manage on a policy to be taken to the Termly policy generator.

All other functionality, including banner customization, consent log management, and DSAR form creation, will be managed in the Termly dashboard. Visit Termly’s support page for frequently asked questions about Termly’s dashboard.

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