How do I install the consent banner on Wix?
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Wix has a dedicated section for adding custom code snippets. You can find instructions about adding custom code to Wix websites on Wix's Help Center. We've also summarized the relevant steps on this page.

Follow these steps to install your consent banner:

  1. Make sure your domain is connected to Wix by checking your settings in your Wix dashboard.

  2. In your Wix dashboard, click on Settings in your left-hand side menu, then scroll down to the Advanced Settings section at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the Custom Code subsection, which will take you to the Custom Code page.

  4. Click + Add Custom Code in the top right-hand corner.

  5. Copy your Termly consent banner code snippet from your dashboard.

    1. After you've embedded your banner, you can return to this page and click Verify Installation to check if your consent banner has been embedded correctly.

  6. Go back to your Wix site and paste the Termly code snippet into the Paste the code snippet here: text box that appears after clicking + Add Custom Code.

  7. Name your code for future reference (e.g., "termly code snippet", "consent banner code", etc.)

  8. Select All Pages under the Add Code to Pages option, and in the dropdown menu, select Load code once.

  9. In the Place Code in: option, select Head.

  10. Finally, click Apply to enable the code snippet.

You should now be able to see the consent banner on your website.

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