How do I remove an extra domain?
Updated over a week ago

Pro+ Plans support multiple domains, but what if you want to remove your extra domains? You will have to first delete the extra domain, then reduce the number of licenses you have purchased for your plan.

Deleting an extra domain

  1. Select the domain you want to delete from the drop-down box in the header.

  2. Select Settings from the left-hand menu, then select Website Information.

  3. Click the Delete Icon to remove the domain from your plan.

Managing Multiple Licenses

After you have deleted the website, head to Manage Subscription to remove the extra website license.

  1. Click your account icon in the upper-right corner, then click on Plan Info.

  2. Then click the Manage Subscription button.

From this page, you can alter the number of licenses you wish to have by clicking the + or - button.

Additional licenses allow you to add an extra domain for a discounted price.

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