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How can I let my users manage their cookie preferences?
How can I let my users manage their cookie preferences?
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According to the GDPR, users must allow website visitors the ability to change their cookie preferences at any time. Termly helps you achieve this in two ways.

Consent Banner

Part of the Cookie Consent Manager is generating a consent banner for you to present to your website’s users. This banner allows them to choose which cookies they would, or would not, like to allow.

Preference Center

Termly's Preference Center within the cookie consent manager that makes changing preferences for your users even simpler. This allows them to change their preferences at any time, even after they've already opted in through the banner.

Simple copy the code and paste it on your website to create a link that allows users to access their preference center. In the preference center, users can add or remove their consent to different categories of cookies.

To find the code for your Preference Center, please go to Consent Banner and then click on the "Install" button in the top right.

Click on the "Embed" button in Step 3: Embed Preference Center link:

The Preference Center can also be added as a <button> as long as it has the class termly-display-preferences.

Here's an example of how the code would look like for creating a button that opens the preference center:

<button class="termly-display-preferences"type="button"> Consent Preferences </button>
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