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How can I ensure that my Termly CMP works with Google Ads?
How can I ensure that my Termly CMP works with Google Ads?
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Termly's CMP (Consent Management Platform) is designed to work alongside sites that implement Google Ads, such as via Google Adsense.

Google's requirements

When using the Termly CMP with Google Ads and related services, you will need to include specific language in your consent banner.

If you do not have this language on your CMP, you may receive a warning from Google informing you that you need to mention "...cookies are used for ads personalisation" in order to continue serving ads.

Adding the necessary language to your Consent Management Platform

In order to add these terms, you will need to go to your Consent Banner settings, Banner Text Settings and toggle “Do you currently run or anticipate running targeted advertising, such as via Google Adsense, on your website?” to “Yes.” This will allow the proper language to appear in the consent banner.

Further considerations

When working with Google services such as Ads and Analytics, you might want to consider implementing Google Consent Mode in your CMP in order to communicate your visitors' consent preferences to the Google gtags on your site.

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