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How do I edit my cookie policy?
How do I edit my cookie policy?

This article describes how and when you can make changes to the cookie policy generated by Termly.

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Termly automatically generates your cookie policy when you perform an initial cookie scan. After you’ve used the cookie scanner to find and classify your website’s cookies, click Generate Cookie Policy. This will take you to your customized cookie policy and give you the option to embed it on your site using HTML, a URL, or an iframe.

When should I update my cookie policy?

You’ll need to update your cookie policy if your website’s cookie use changes, such as when you add, change, or delete third-party scripts. You can do this by performing another cookie scan or by manually editing your cookies.

If you embed your cookie policy as a Termly-hosted policy (code snippet or URL), then your policy will automatically stay up-to-date with each new scan.

Updating your cookie policy with a new scan

  1. Log in to your Termly dashboard.

  2. Click Scan Settings.

  3. Click Start Now.

  4. Wait for the scan to complete.

  5. Click Scan Report.

  6. Review your cookies and their classifications.

  7. Click Generate Cookie Policy to get your updated policy.

Manually updating your cookies

  1. Log in to your Termly dashboard.

  2. Click Scan Report.

  3. Click into a cookie to edit or delete it, or click Add a Cookie to add a new cookie.

  4. After you’ve made all of your changes, generate an updated policy by clicking Generate Cookie Policy.

Editing your business information

  1. Log in to your Termly dashboard

  2. Go to 'Settings' > 'Business Information' in your website side panel

  3. Update your business information and click 'save'

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