How do I customize my consent banner?
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You can customize your consent banner to match your own website's theme and style. You can choose from several built-in themes, or use a custom theme.

To customize your consent banner theme, navigate to the Consent Management Platform dropdown in the left side menu on your Dashboard, then select Consent Banner.

From here you can customize the colors, display style, and position of your consent banner.

Watch the video below to learn more about customizing your consent banner.

Banner Display Styles

  • Banner: A banner stretching along the top or bottom of your website

  • Modal: A pop-up box in the center of your website

  • Tooltip: A pop-up box that can be placed in one of the four corners of your website


Once you select your banner display style, select which position you would like your banner to appear.

Custom Theme

This option allows users the ability to fully customize their banner. Here you can edit the font, button, and color of your banner.

Pick from 15 fonts, a variety of sizes, and any color you could want for the text and background.

Click Save at the bottom of the page to create your fully customized consent banner.

We do not recommend overriding the CSS of your consent banner. Read more about customizing the CSS of your consent banner.

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