How to manage vendors in your CMP
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Understanding Vendors

A vendor is a legal entity who stores, processes or accesses data about your site visitors. Typically you install scripts or tags from these vendors, which may then in turn set cookies or record information when someone lands on your site.

You can manage which vendors are listed in your CMP in the 'Vendors' page in the Termly Dashboard.

Impact of adding a vendor

When you enable support for the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (IAB TCF) in your site's regional consent settings, a detailed list of vendors you've integrated with will appear in your CMP for users in Europe, including the UK.

Your CMP will relay your visitors' consent preferences to these vendors, ensuring they modify their data processing behavior in alignment with user consent.

Managing Vendors

Discovering Vendors Automatically

Each time Termly scans your website, it attempts to identify the vendors you're working with and add them to your vendor list. If a vendor is not automatically discovered during a scan, you have the option to add it manually.

Adding Vendors Manually

To add a Vendor that wasn't discovered in a scan manually:

  1. Go to the 'Vendors' page within the Termly Dashboard.

  2. Click on 'Add Vendor' and search for the vendor to add

  3. Confirm by clicking 'Save.'

Which Vendors are included on the 'Vendors' page?

Vendors in the 'Vendors' page are currently limited to:

  1. Approved vendors in the IAB TCF Global Vendor List

  2. Google Ad Tech Partners

Troubleshooting Vendor Discovery

If a vendor is not discovered during a scan:

  1. Verify the vendor's script or tag is properly installed on your site.

  2. Manually add the vendor as outlined above.

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